Why I’m Looking Forward to the End of APIs

The End of Software mission and the NO SOFTWARE logo effectively conveyed how we were different. I put the logo on all our communications materials and policed it to make sure no one removed it. (They did so anyway.) I wore a NO SOFTWARE button every day and asked our employees to as well. (They did so, somewhat reluctantly.)

History Repeats

Source: total-qa.com

[Vendor]’s data feed includes only raw events, which describe individual actions taking place on your hosts. This feed is most useful for customers who want to archive their data for longer than their [vendor] retention period, often as part of a compliance strategy for regulations like HIPAA or GDPR. We don’t perform any analysis of raw events; we leave that up to you.

Every 5 days, [vendor] puts a new batch of [vendor] data into a data directory in your S3 bucket. Each time you get an SQS notification about a new batch of data, you should consume the notification and copy the data from S3 to another location for processing.

From the vendor’s documentation

Data Sharing as Alternative

No copying required
From No Software to No API



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