Ask any Frenchman and they’ll tell you that Champagne Only Comes From Champagne. Everything else is just sparkling wine. In cybersecurity, unfortunately, we don’t have nearly as much clarity on our definitions.

Case in point is XDR, possibly the hottest category in cyber. Vendors across the industry are adopting the…

Security data lake projects are taking flight but they’re a strange bird. The folks typically responsible for creating and managing the data lake are on the data analytics team but they’re new to concepts like incident response and the abomination that is the Windows Event Log. …

If Snowflake could be used as a SIEM, security teams would enjoy cheap unlimited storage, zero maintenance overhead, scalable query power for investigations, and all the other reasons why customers love the data platform.

But that’s a big if.

Snowflake is not a SIEM

Some of Snowflake’s largest customers already use it for SIEM workloads…

The most powerful tool for creating actionable security metrics is the SLA. Unfortunately, most vendors don’t provide an SLA status feature. As a result, security teams fail to align cross-organizational efforts and continue to manually review risk findings.

Let’s change that! With live vendor data accessible on Snowflake Data Exchange…

Omer Singer

I believe that better data is the key to better security. These are personal posts that don’t represent Snowflake.

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